Upper Cape Tea Party


The United States of America is at a crossroads. The federal government has grown in size and power over the past decades. Government spending is rampant, leading to the accumulation of massive federal debt. At the same time, our moral fabric is deteriorating. Those who live by what were once considered core American values, such as hard work, self-reliance, and honesty, are disparaged as extremists. In response to government overreach, moral deterioration, and the erosion of conservative values, independent "Tea Party" groups have sprung up across the country. The Upper Cape Tea Party in Massachusetts is one such group. Our core values are simple:

• Limited government
• Individual liberty
• Fiscal responsibility
• Adherence to the U.S. Constitution

To remain silent and inactive is no longer a luxury we can afford if we are to halt the erosion and decline of the United States. Tea Party Patriots are your friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Join with them, here in Massachusetts or around the world, if you have similar values and goals.